Saturday, June 22, AD 2019

Louisville, Kentucky 

Latitude:  36' 50.4' N  Longitude:  84 50.8' W

Elevation: 922 ft. above sea level

Sunrise: 6:21 Sunset: 9:02


Song of the Turtle

There are openings to the earth where the light shines thru'
Sometimes illuminating tiny white flowers
While I worry over words & the settings for words
The time & the place & the assurance of trouble
The time of trouble is the time for love
Yearning at the window watching for your lover
While the wagons of war come clanking by
There's the song of the turtle & the perfume of flowers


About Jim's new album (Good Work), Israel Rains writes: 'Good Work' is a dichotomy of being your most exciting album and lyrically your most esoteric. You explore many of the same themes you have throughout your discography but now with the courage to be darker. You explore this (with) a more eclectic influence, incorporating Latin (rhythms) in a surprising way. I would like to see you continue in this direction. Good work!


Something Like This

Our father, strength of the sky,

in hope your reputation be clean,

your movement noted, your pleasure accomplished

on the ground as it is in the sky;

see that everyone has enough to eat today

and lift us up, put as back to work as we have done

for everyone in our way.

Don't lead us out into deep water to see what we'll do

but snatch us away from disaster & rot.


Deborah in the Doorway  

Grove of oaks full of robins & wind; cycle

Of time come round til day equals night & the wonder

In your mother's eyes entered mine; you've stepped forth

From the darkened door into the brilliant light before me


Sunday March 3 AD 2018

Puddles from snow melting on the ground
And the trees all waiting & ready to bloom
(Some had gone ahead & opened their flowers)
It's a delirious time of mind displacement
Leaning forward w/ your feet in the mud
Be afraid & do right; there's good news coming
We'll all be together when the earth is ready
The colors will be bright & our clothes for costumes


Sunday November 25 AD 2018

Of course, there were blackbirds down from the sky
And a confusion of terms, a doppelganger
In the mirror in the night & a rumor of rest
A tale of wind that rushes & hovers
And lifts you above your doubled mind
So you can live like you're back from the dead
Laughing & speaking in the heaviest of tones
As the sky to the east begins to glow


Sunday September 23 AD 2018

Wet concrete the drizzling rain
Beading on the toe of my traveling shoe
Envy & murder boil in me
Terror & laughter mock police
Put off the trouble wash your hands
While they stand hide in pillars
On this page rain gathers
Insult & outrage have a place to go


September 30 AD 2018

Geese have come laughing over
Trees shimmer in morning light
While beneath my heart protest builds
My choices are all ready made
There's no need looking for the dead
W/ your pleasant spices & oil
The crow has flown too but westward
I would accept your attentions now


October 7 AD 2018

Crowds had gathered for the arts & crafts
The heat having lasted much to long
As for me, I would withdraw
Rest awhile before I go
Head back north where I'm familiar w/
The terrible wind that I love so much
Magnolia seeds & leaves again
Coming down & a honey bee


Sunday October 14 AD 2018

Today while I looked thru' the windows
In clouds a small plane was passing
Like the time that we are living
Carrying anger like a torch
Holding out a question changing
Confusion into something else
Disappearing into evening
The taste of blood upon our lips


Sunday October 28 AD 2018

Trees have begun to shake loose their leaves
Spider webs have been abandoned
I sit in sunlight examining my clavicle
Cranky & looking for some fun
Convinced by observation & friendly report
I gather my things & prepare for the polls
With summer's last roses & a heavier coat
An obscuring of sun & a shaking of saints


Sunday November 4 AD 2018

There's a chorus of whispers & siren dreams
Berries have turned & the bush trembles
I've rested some & I'll rest again
Then ease back into the work & the trouble
As best I can try to remember
To stay calm & keep moving in front of the wind
Leaves have been running or being mulched
It's time to put the garden to bed


Sunday November 11 AD 2018

A pile of thin seeds on the edge
Of a bright sky full of rumors
I've somehow come loose from whatever it was
Free & uneasy, destination concealed
The steps are still there so I'll be climbing
Down to the road to see where it goes
There are smokers & grinners, lovers & weepers
Workers looking for a way out of town


Sunday November 18 AD 2018

I can't tell what I'm feeling; it's a mixture of air
Falling & rising like gingko leaves
And this bunch of balloons tied to the rail
Carrying on w/ the strength of affection
That passes beyond but leaves me a tune
To strum thru' the trouble till the sky disappears
And we wait by the fire that sucks out all breath
For the vacuum to be relieved by the tenderest of sighs



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