Thursday, October 18, AD 2018

Louisville, Kentucky 

Latitude:  38 13.4' N Longitude:  85 44.4' W

Elevation: 488 ft. above sea level

Sunrise: 7:49; Sunset: 7:00


About Jim's new album (Good Work), Israel Rains writes: 'Good Work' is a dichotomy of being your most exciting album and lyrically your most esoteric. You explore many of the same themes you have throughout your discography but now with the courage to be darker. You explore this (with) a more eclectic influence, incorporating Latin (rhythms) in a surprising way. I would like to see you continue in this direction. Good work!



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Sunday January 21 AD 2018

The golf course had been abandoned
Orange pine tree resting vulture
The children came dancing from there
Lebanese w/ twirling towel 
And we watched while the plot thickened
Romance married w/ intention
Gyrated & balanced around
An old Japanese man smiling


Sunday January 28 AD 2018

Pumpkin leaking across the porch
Porch light lit into the morning
I move too slowly to be seen
And finally get out the door
Out into a place where water
Encourages a conscious breath
Shadow takes on definition
Hidden seeds prepare the daylight


Sunday February 4 AD 2018

By the porch railing water drips
Buses wait among waiting trees
Recovering from all that's passed
The shaking & tossing about
Bread delusions of grandeur but
Weirdest is the throwing of self
Tho'ts of flying & being caught
In those warm strong arms of the one


Sunday February 11 AD 2018

The earth is full of water now
And the streets have begun to fill
Depth of morning covered in shame
Yet I expect to be lifted
The tester comes w/ his choices
Food & cash or a death mask thrill
I know tho’ even from this height
He has nothing in either hand


Sunday February 18 AD 2018

Shivering there in the brightness
Wild onions have begun to grow
I’ve been goaded into action
Searching the clutter for dollars
Carrying trouble like a friend
My shoulder is sore from lifting
The sky takes a deep breath exhales
And shadows begin to withdraw


Sunday February 25 AD 2018

In the shrubs there are white flowers
Robin in the street for a worm
Familiar motions of spring
The high water & the nausea 
Think again while the measured sky
Approaches what your life must be
Take your pick of attitudes &
See who it is that’s in your way


March 4th (once more)

Trees began to flower again
Sparrows arrived w/ strands of straw
Awareness had come building trust
For weakness from signs of what's real
There was movement both near & far
Delivering me from elsewhere
A can rattled across pavement
Little birds chattered in sunlight








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